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Page 46 15 flag ceremony music and a sing-along around a bonfire. We will open the field near the ranger station for camping over that weekend. A second grand celebration is planned on August 20th in the Town of Allagash. We will have guest speakers an ongoing waterway film show a paddle and pole canoe event bean supper and landownerstakeholder booths. We will close the day with a flag ceremony and special music. We will also have artifacts and the same Lombard Log Hauler on display at our Michaud Farm Ranger Station about 12 miles upriver from town. These events are open to the public at no cost thanks to donations from gener- ous supporters of the waterway. Come help us celebrate 50 years of conserva- tion of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is managed by the Department of Agricul- ture Conservation and Forestrys Bureau of Parks and Lands. For an information packet or general information on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway go to www.maine.govallagash or call 207-941-4014 or write to the Bureau of Parks and Lands 106 Hogan Road Bangor ME 04401. In an effort to help more women and girls get outside and continue the growing trend of women in the outdoors a group of sportswomen created Women of the Maine Outdoors a non-profit organization to provide funding possibilities for all fellow Maine women and girls who want to try any outdoor activ- ity. Any woman or girl who is interested in camping ATVing fishing trapping hunting etc. is eligible to apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of classes such as those offered by Women and our Woods Becoming an Outdoors-Woman and the National Turkey Foundation. Scholarships will also go beyond introductory classes to courses including Wilderness First Aid hand gun safety and for girls conservation camp. Perhaps one of the coolest opportunities is for women to obtain their Maine Guides License with a scholarship from the group. Women of the Maine Outdoors goal is to see more women and girls feel comfortable going out on an early morning turkey hunt or sitting in that bear blind by themselves. Along with this new group comes a fantastic partnership Women of the Maine Outdoors and the Sportsmans Alliance of Maine have partnered to become the go-to resource for women interested in the outdoors. This state-wide partnership will allow women and girls to get connected with the programs events and learning opportunities offered through SAM and its partners while having the funding support of Women of the Maine Outdoors. Cathy DeMer- chant chair of the SAM board couldnt be more excited The SAM Board is incredibly pleased to be partnering with Women of the Maine Outdoors This is a natural fit for our organization and will enable us to further strengthen our core mission by providing educational opportunities to what is now the fastest growing segment of our membership. In addition the new partnership will allow us to strengthen the American heritage and tradition of hunting trapping and fishing. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership Here is how you can help and get involved As a non-profit organization Women of the Maine Outdoors relies on funding from outfitters rod gun clubs businesses and individuals to offer scholarships from 5 - 500. If you would like to help get more information or apply for a scholarship please contact the board at www.wom- Throughout 2016 scholarships will be available to all interested women and girls so please spread the word to anyone that you know who may benefit from a scholarship women girls going outdoors with Maines