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Page 46 27 Clockwise from top left Jason and Derek Rio in front of Dereks Forwarder. Derek owns his own equipment and has worked with Jason for two and a half years. He is one of several other subcontractors on the job site to harvest and prepare wood for transport to area mills. Roadside cedar waiting to be transported to log home cedar fencing and cedar shingle processing facilities. Jason and subcontractorprocessor operator Rene Valcourt. Derek Rio bringing out load of logs which will be sorted by species and size into different log piles at roadside. Jason Nadeau right going over operating plans with Seven Islands Forester Pat Boyd who provides Nadeau Logging with a plan to guide harvest operations. The plan takes into consideration forest types wet and dry soil conditions unique or sensitive natural areas and road access. Chet Rafford is one of several subcontractors working with Jason to transport harvested wood to one of several wood processing facilities throughout Maine and Canada. This past year Jason had several operations going on concurrently in Oxbow on the Pine Island Road at Mile 20 on the Pinkham Road south- west of Ashland and at mile 13 on the Rocky Brook Road west of Por- tage. Jason has contracts with several landowners including Orion Tim- berlands Seven Islands Land Company and Maines Bureau of Public Lands. Jason works with forester Don Kidder from the Bureau of Parks and Public Lands Adam Nicak from Orion and Pat Boyd from Seven Is- lands Land Company. Today the companys wood harvesting operations consist of nineteen em- ployees and subcontractors and on the trucking side are eleven employees and subcontractors. All of the wood harvested is by contract with wood marketing done by landowners. Nadeau Logging is a Master Logger Certified company a member of the Cer- tified Logging Professional CLP and Professional Logging Contractor PLC programandwasawardedtheMaineForestProductsCouncilLoggerofthe Year award in 2004.