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6 Cutting live trees is not permitted. You are welcome to use dead and down wood for your fire at an authorized location. To prevent the spread of injurious insects movement of firewood more than 50 miles is discouraged. Importation of firewood to Maineisprohibited.Extremecautionisalwaystherule.Remem- ber a small fire is best for cooking. By Maine law there is a 50 fine for leaving any fire unattended. The steel fire ring provided is the only place a fire may be built at authorized campsites. Limits on camper trailer and vehicle sizes. Only single vehi- cles less than 28 feet in length or vehicle and trailer with a com- bined length of less than 44 feet and with a maximum width of 8 feet will be allowed entrance. Large vehicles within these limits may be required to travel at certain low traffic periods through any checkpoint if requested by the checkpoint recep- tionist on duty. Information for North Maine Woods and KI Jo-Mary Forest Bicycles motorcycles all terrain vehicles tractors and horses are not allowed in the NMW or KI Jo-Mary Forest at any time of year. This is necessary for logging road safety and avoidance of fire hazards in hard to reach locations. Through-traffic between Canada and Maine is discouraged via the private road system in the NMW. These roads are privately built for the purpose of managing the woodland area. Recreationists are encouraged to travel to their desired destina- tions within the area and then return to the country from which they entered. Par- ties entering at a Canadian border checkpoint must leave via the same checkpoint. Through passage between the US and Canada is allowed for camp owners and other visitors only when at least one nights lodging is spent within NMW. Water supplies in the NMW and KI Jo-Mary Forest area are not tested for safe- ty. It is recommended that you bring in water from a known safe source. You should not drink water directly from any stream or pond without treating it to kill bacteria and other organisms. The safest way to treat the water is to boil it for at least one minute at a rolling boil. While other methods of treatment are available they may not be totally effective against all harmful organisms and are not recommended. Biting insects are common most of the summer. Visitors should be equipped with insect repellent at all times. The peak time for mosquitoes and blackflies is from the end of May through July. Daily periods of increased insect activities are during early morning and evening hours. The weather varies greatly in northern Maine. May temperatures range from 20 to 70 degrees on any given day and snow may even fall. During the summer tem- peratures average 50 to 90 degrees. It is suggested that visitors pack clothing for bothextremes.Rainisunpredictablewiththeaverageseasonalamountbetween35 and 45 inches. The temperatures begin to drop below freezing in mid-September with daytime highs in the 50s. In November it is common for temperatures to ap- proach 0 with highs in the 40s and snow can begin to build up. November hunters are cautioned to camp near main roads and listen to weather forecasts. There are very few stores or gas stations in the NMW or KI Jo-Mary Forest. All supplies must be carried in with you. Fireworks are prohibited in NMW. Although the State of Maine legalized the use of fireworks in 2011 the new law also requires that users of fireworks have land- owner permission. None of the private landowners and managers of public land within North Maine Woods have agreed to give permission or allow the use of fire- works. Fire hazard is the major concern but public safety and disturbance to other recreationists and wildlife are also factors cited in their decision to prohibit fire- works in NMW. A majority of visitors come to the NMW and KI Jo-Mary to enjoy peace and tranquility. Although there are no rules regarding the use of generators chain- saws other types of motors and radios we do ask that visitors use common sense and be considerate of others. All parties flying into the area must abide by the areas rules and regulations. NMW Land Use and Camping permits are available from many commercial bush pilots or you may obtain permits by writing to North Maine Woods PO Box 425 Ashland ME 04732. brookfieldrenewable.compublicsafety MAKE SAFETY A PRIORITY BE CAUTIOUS WHEN RECREATING NEAR HYDROELECTRIC FACILITIES. WATER CONDITIONS CAN CHANGE QUICKLY AND WITHOUT NOTICE. Pay attention to your surroundings and respect all signs and warning signals. Life Jackets Save Lives. Always wear yours.