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These rules apply to all road users Your safety is important Give all logging trucks the right of way The roads in this area were built to move wood products. For safety please give logging trucks the same respect provided to fire trucks and ambulances. Logging trucks typically travel on the crown of the road for stability. When you see a truck coming from either direction please pull over to let it pass safely. Obey posted speed limit signs. Maximum speed is 45 mph. Lights on for safety. Always travel on the right hand side. Be prepared to stop at all times. Never stop on a corner. Always give yourself at least 500 feet of visibility front and back. Reduce speeds on freshly graded roads. You are more likely to blow a tire or lose control because of loose gravel. Never block side roads. Even roads that seem unused may be needed in emergencies. Do not linger on roads or stop on bridges. Most bridges in NMW are one lane. Park vehicles well off the road. Do not park in front of checkpoints. Use parking area provided All drivers must have a valid state or provincial drivers license. All vehicles yield right of way to loaded trucks. All traffic yield to equipment working in roads. Pass only after operators acknowledgement. for Industrial Logging Roads Rulesof the Road photobyNMWstaff in North Maine Woods Camping permits are issued at the checkpoints upon entrance to the North Maine Woods area. Camping is allowed at the more than 300 designated marked camping areas for a two-week maximum time limit per campsite. The North Maine Woods map in this publication shows campsite locations. There are two types of campsites available for use Authorized Campsites These campsites are marked on the NMW map and are listed here for reference. While all campsites are rustic there are steel fire rings cedar picnic tables and toilets at the authorized campsites. Fires may be carefully built in the steel fire rings and many of the campsites have picnic shelters. A Maine Forest Service fire permit is not required. Designated Fire Permit Campsites These are locations where overnight camping is allowed but where building campfires requires a Maine Forest Ser- vice fire permit. The locations of designated fire permit campsites are shown on the NMW map. These campsites have fewer facilities than authorized camp- sites. Although some fire permit campsites are not as attractive as authorized campsites fall hunters prefer sheltered locations rather than windswept lake shore campsites. Outhouse Update North Maine Woods is currently using an active enzyme Bio Quest SST-850 for the treatment of outhouse solids. We ask that visitors do not dump lime deodorizers trash or liquid materials into outhouse open- ings. These foreign substances will either kill or greatly reduce the effective- ness of the enzyme. Campsites on Google Earth Campsite locations within the North Maine Woods and KI Jo-Mary regions are shown on Google Earth. Visit our web- site to download this new feature found on the homepage. In addition to showing campsite locations there are photos and a written description of each campsite to help you decide which campsite to visit. Please carry your trash out. Do not leave trash at your campsite or alongside roads and waters. 7 photobyNMWstaff CampingCamping