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RagmuffSeboomook Region Lane Brook T2R4 4 1 y y y Leadbetter Falls T2R18 3 y y y Leadbetter Pit T2R18 3 1 y y y Gilberts Crossing T2R4 3 1 y y y Lane Brook Boundary Rd T3R4 1 y y y Cheney Pond T3R4 3 y y Penobscot Dam T4R4 4 1 y y y Penobscot Pd Ice Box Pit T4R4 1 y y y Long Pond T3R5 4 1 y y y Dole Pond T3R5 4 1 y y y Dole Brook T3R5 1 y y Hurricane Pond T5R20 1 y y Hurricane Stream T5R19 2 1 y y Snake Campsite T4R18 6 1 y y y y Nulhedus Pit T1R4 1 y y Little Lobster Lake T3R14 2 1 y y y 35-Mile Campsite DoleTwp 1 y y Total 44 St. John River Turner Bogan T8R17 2 y y Flaws Bogan T8R17 1 1 y y Flaws Bogan Camp T8R17 1 y y Southwest Branch T9R17 1 y y Doucie Brook T10R17 2 y y Knowles Brook T10R16 1 y y Northwest Branch T10R17 1 y y Ledge Rapids T11R16 2 1 y y Moody Campsite T11R16 2 1 y y y y Red Pine T11R16 3 y y y y Burntland Brook T11R16 2 1 y y Nine-Mile Campsite T12R16 2 y y East Nine-Mile T12R15 1 y y y Connor Farm T13R15 1 y y Seven Islands T13R15 3 2 y y Priestly Campsite T13R14 2 1 y y y y Simmons Farm T14R14 2 1 y y Big Black Rapids T15R13 3 1 y y Ferry Crossing T15R13 2 1 y y y y Seminary Brook T15R13 2 1 y y y y Longs Rapids T16R13 2 1 y y y Castonia Farm T16R12 2 y y y y Ouellette Brook T16R12 2 y y y Ouellette Farm T16R12 3 1 y y y y Fox Brook T16R12 3 2 y y y y Poplar Island Allagash 1 1 y y y Total 49 Oxbow Region Lapomkeag Field T8R8 2 1 y y y Millinocket Stream T8R8 2 y y y Munsungan Stream T8R9 2 1 y y y Total 6 Township Township Sites Sites Shelters Shelters WaterAccess WaterAccess VehicleAccess VehicleAccess CanoeAccess CanoeAccess CamperAccess CamperAccess 9 The Maine Forest Service protects hundreds of thousands of acres in NMW from wildland fire every year. It is everyones responsibility to be safe with campfires and report wildland fires that you encounter. Remember you must attend your campfire at all times. Its important to put your fire dead out before you leave your site for the day. A heavy wind and dry conditions can create a large wildland fire from what was an innocent campfire and the person who lights the fire is responsible for damages. Campers are reminded that it is unlawful to burn prohibited items such as plastic metal cans bottles and any type of trash. Please carry your trash out. Your actions will help ensure that the resource we all enjoy is preserved for this and future generations. If you encounter a wildland fire report it immediately. Information that is helpful when reporting a fire includes where the fire is township GPS coordinates nearest road what fuel the fire is burning in what type of fire behavior is being exhibited is there a water source nearby and are there any camps or tree plantations threatened. ThisinformationhelpsMaineForestServiceprovideaquickermoreefficientresponse. Toreportawildlandfireobtainfirepermits or to receive additional information you may call Northern Region Ashland 207-435-7963 Central Region OldTown 207-827-1800 Allagash District Office Portage 207-435-6644 Maine Forest Service For any emergency call 911 AroostookWaters District Office Masardis 207-435-6975 East Branch District Office Island Falls 207-463-2331 Moosehead District Office Greenville 207-695-3721