North Maine Woods

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Current Road Information:
Oct. 26-27:  The bridges crossing Ragged Stream and Russell Stream on the Golden Rd will be under repair.  Thru-traffic will be allowed but expect delays.
Nov. 2:  The Lobster Trip bridge will be under repair and closed to thru-traffic for the entire day on Saturday.
NOTE:  4 additional bridges will be under repair during the month of November on the Scott Brook Rd (3 bridges) and the Caucomgomoc Rd (1 bridge).  Repairs will be made on the weekends.
Driving Safely on Privately Owned Forest Roads
All roads within the North Maine Woods are privately built and owned primarily for the purpose of managing and moving forest products.
The private landowners are willing to share their roads with members of the general public in order to visit the region’s many lakes and ponds and other natural resources for the purposes of hiking, hunting, fishing and berry picking to name a few.
o Travel at posted speeds but no more than 45 miles per hour.
o Keep to the right when approaching a corner or cresting a hill.
o When dusty conditions exist, please wait for the dust to clear before proceeding.
o When approaching active equipment near the roadside wait for acknowledgement from equipment operators before proceeding to pass.
Thank you and Happy Hunting!!!

Helping Solve the Mystery of Maine Forest Products Week

Fee Changes for 2019
Maine increased its minimum wage again this year by one dollar from $10 to $11 per hour.  In order to help offset the cost of this increase, there are several fee changes going into effect in 2019:
- Resident daily fee from $10 to $11 to coincide with the new minimum wage
- Non-resident daily fee from $15 to $16
- Resident Summer & Fall Day Use pass from $70 to $80
- Resident Annual Day Use pass from $125 to $140

Other fee categories will not change at this time.

Understanding Public Access to Private Working Forests in
Maine (Please click on Link below)

Current Allagash Waterway Conditions:
For current conditions click on link below:

North Maine Woods has raised the minimum age that requires visitors to pay fees from age fifteen to age eighteen for both the North Maine Woods and the KI Jo-Mary Forest. There has been a trend towards fewer young people hunting, fishing, canoeing and camping in the Maine woods, so perhaps this change will have a positive impact on this trend.

Another change is half price camping in the Deboullie Township which is owned by Maine’s Bureau of Parks and Lands. Located about ten miles south of St. Francis and thirty miles northwest of Portage, this area has undergone significant improvements to its 30 campsites and over 30 miles of hiking trails.   In cooperation with Maine’s Bureau of Parks and Lands, NMW landowners have reduced the NMW regular camping fees by half (for the Deboullie Township only) to help attract people to experience the improvements made to this area.