North Maine Woods Ashland Maine
Welcome to the North Maine Woods - Multiple Ownership - Multiple Use Management Area. The private forest landowners and state governmental agencies cooperating in this program are pleased you have chosen to visit our web site. It is designed to help you have a safe and pleasant trip in the area, plus provide you with valuable information on forest resource management and recreational use.

The area provides numerous outdoor recreational opportunities for over 100,000 visitors each year while at the same time providing renewable forest resources which are a major part of Maine's economy. Harvesting wood products and providing recreation are compatible if managed properly. Providing proper management of day use and camping is the main goal of the North Maine Woods organization.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT (updated 5-11-2020):

With permission from the Governor’s office, North Maine Woods (NMW) and the KI Jo-Mary Forest (KIJM) is currently open for day use.  With approval from private landowners, the roads within the NMW region are open to the public for day-use activities that include fishing, hiking and riding.  We still ask that visitors refrain from driving on soft side roads.  During this time, checkpoints will not be staffed until May 18th, so registration and visitor fees will not be required.

CAMPING (Including the Allagash Wilderness Waterway - updated 5-11-2020):
Following the Governors announcement on May 8th, North Maine Woods and KI Jo Mary WILL allow camping for residents and non-residents (who have quarantined for 14-days) beginning May 18, 2020. This change will also include remote sites on the AWW and PRC.

NMW and KI Jo Mary will be operating with a combination of self-registration and staffed checkpoints starting on May 18th until further notice. When staff is not present, visitors will be required to self-register at all locations. KI Jo Mary will NOT be taking campsite reservations until further notice. All camping in the KI Jo-Mary Forest will be on a first come, first serve basis until July. 
Until then, Maine’s Game Wardens, Forest Rangers and landowner representatives have been asked to report illegal camping activity.  Should anyone be found camping illegally, they risk being banned from using North Maine Woods managed properties in the future.

We will continue to post information on our website and Facebook page as this situation changes.

We hope that this pandemic ends soon so we can welcome our friends from other parts of the country and get back to normal operations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.”

Please note:  Maine resident leaseholders & landowners are not restricted access or use of their camp or property and will not be affected by these temporary changes.   

Current Road Conditions:
(NOTE:  The following conditions were reported May 13th and may have changed since reported)
+ Churchill Dam Rd has a spot at 42 mile that may be difficult for 2 wheel drive vehicles to pass through.

Please stay on the main traveled roads and avoid secondary roads at this time...and PLEASE USE COMMON
Stuck Vehicles

Maine Moose & Winter Ticks
(Click on link below for information and current status of Maine's moose population)

Driving Safely on Privately Owned Forest Roads:
All roads within the North Maine Woods are privately built and owned primarily for the purpose of managing and moving forest products.
The private landowners are willing to share their roads with members of the general public in order to visit the region’s many lakes and ponds and other natural resources for the purposes of hiking, hunting, fishing and berry picking to name a few.
o Travel at posted speeds but no more than 45 miles per hour.
o Keep to the right when approaching a corner or cresting a hill.
o When dusty conditions exist, please wait for the dust to clear before proceeding.
o When approaching active equipment near the roadside wait for acknowledgement from equipment operators before proceeding to pass.
Thank you!!!

North Maine Woods has raised the minimum age that requires visitors to pay fees from age fifteen to age eighteen for both the North Maine Woods and the KI Jo-Mary Forest. There has been a trend towards fewer young people hunting, fishing, canoeing and camping in the Maine woods, so perhaps this change will have a positive impact on this trend.