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Camp for sale in T13R10 WELS on the Big Brook Rd.  Camp comes fully furnished to include a diesel generator and a newer constructed storage/wood shed.  The property also has a spring for on-site water. 
The lease is on Prentiss & Carlisle.  Asking price:  $25,000 
If interested, please call:  (508) 997-8239
Posting on 7 3 2019
1 Room Camp at T13 R10 Wels Township in the North Maine Woods.  All new windows, wood stove, cook stove, out house.  Very clean and newly finished on the inside.  It is in a very remote spot.  Asking 65,000.00.  Call for more info or if you would like to see:  207-472-6034
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Liesha Milliard

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FOR SALE:  3 lots (sold as 1) with 2.9 acres and 300' of lake frontage, partially cleared.  The property is described in the deed as Lot 78, as described on the plan entitled "Final Survey Plan of Lots on Norcross Brook Road," dated December 12, 2001.  The book and page for the property at the Piscataquis Registry is B1898 P 49, Map P1073, Plan 08, Lot 78.  

Asking Price: $250,000
Contact:  Steve Thompson or Tom Hachey- 207-872-9551.