North Maine Woods Ashland Maine
Street: PO Box 425, 92 Main Street
City/State: Ashland, ME
Phone: 207.435.6213
Company Info: Bio Quest SST-850 is a bacterial agent used for reducing waste volume and controlling odor for pit, vault, and septic system toilets, and this product has been used by state and federal park systems for many years.    For the first time ever, this product has been made available to the public, and North Maine Woods is now the exclusive retail distributor of Bio Quest for the state of Maine.  North Maine Woods maintains hundreds of outhouses located at campsites and checkpoints throughout the region.  "Over the years we have tried a variety of methods to try to control odor and breakdown of waste - including ashes, lime, and a product called Quick John (no longer available).  A few years ago we started using Bio Quest, and we can honestly say it has been the most effective product to date for managing odor and waste volume in campsite privies." A treatment kit consists of 6 water soluble packets - one packet into a gallon of warm water and then into the pit monthly during summer months is all it takes. Retail Cost per Kit:  $21.90 + tax = $23.00 Bulk Order Cost (sporting camps, campgrounds, etc.):  $18.00 / lb. (min. 6 lbs.) Treatment kits are available at the NMW office in Ashland and most NMW checkpoints.  You can also call our office (207-435-6213) to place an order.  NOTE:  Prices listed above do not include shipping for mailed orders ($5 shipping per kit).