North Maine Woods

Photo by:  GNP  "River drivers in a bateau boat"

3 drivers in a bateau closeup-31 3 gardnier trucks piled high-32 bateau 6 men rowing-33
big crew eating at old camp-34 boats wooden boats with 50 s Johnson s-35 driving wood with a bateau-36
EAst old wood yard crane-37 experimental Maul saw-38 Hanging deer-39
horses pulling sleigh on winter road-40 loading truck with cherry picker 1951-41 Lombard dump truck on tracks-42
maul saw-43 Motor Bateau moving wood-44 old log woodscamp-45
one horse sledge of pulp-46 outboard motor-47 poling wood on a stream3-48
poling wood on a stream-49 pulp wood on a sled-50 scaling wood 50 s-51
working wood with 2 motor boats-52 Early mess of fish from Ragged Lake-115 40 s truck with dumped load of long logs-116
Wilmer Haynes hunting-118 cutting the golden road-119 1 tractors pulling sleds of wood 1956-120
1 telos 1929-122 2 pictures of 50 s woods camps-123 2 pictures of skidders twitching wood-124
3 men crating a bateau-125 Arial of Telos crib-126 Big crew eating at camp-127
boat pulling boom arial-128 boring boom logs 1947-129 bucking wood by hand-130
building a new road-131 building a rail line-132 building Canada Falls-133
camp cooking in the 50 s-134 Camp Fish1914-135 can falls cribwork-136
canada falls 1949-137 canada falls camp ground-138 Canada Falls Campground 60 s-139
canoe trip-140 caucogomic more work-141 construction of canada falls-142
Cut standing tree with buck saw-144 cutting trees by hand-145 cutting with an old wooden buck saw-146
Early chain saw prototype 1947-147 early international tractor with crew and names-148 early road grader-149
early snowplow from behind-150 Early train line building-151 experimental sally saw close up-152
Forest technician painting rimmed tree-153 Forester checking tree-154 gulf hagus-155
hand unloading pulp off a horse drawn sleigh-156 handloading pulp onto horse sledge-157 hikers early-158
Horse drawn rock rake-159 horse tramway with big pile of pulp-160 horses pulling hay and suplies-161
horses skidding wood-162 limbing a tree-163 logging camp with tall spruce-164
mail call-165 making sled runners 1949-166 Moving long logs with cant dogs-167
picking pulp off the bank-168 pittston farm 1904-169 pittston farm 1914-170
poling wood on a stream2-171 Railroad tipping car dump wood-172 rip log sluice 1917-173
sign keep maine green-174 sluice1914-175 snow conditions allegash 1952-176
Steam locomotive hauling pulp-177 Steam lombard tractor-178 storehouse caucomgomoc-179
storehouse umbazookskus-180 tinkering with a couple of 50 s Johnsons-181 tractor pulling train over the road-182
Tractors on rail cars 40 s-183 trucker with fisherman in vechiles-184 unloading from horse sleigh to truck-185
very early camp-186 Water tank for icing hauling roads-187 winter line of 50 s trucks with 4 wood-188
Woodland maintenance truck 30 s-189 cookee with lunch for crew 1940-190  

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