North Maine Woods

Photo by:  Tim Sansoucy  "Alyssa Sansoucy, 10 years old, downed this moose weighing 1,019 lbs. with a green spread of 62 “ on October 8th 2012 using a .243 rifle. Alyssa was hunting in the Allagash in Zone 4 with her Mom, Dad and Uncle. Her Dad called in this giant and it approached quickly into a clear cut.  Alyssa took her shot landing her bullet which dropped the moose in it’s tracks. This is the first animal  she has taken and it is one that will be hard to top!  The Official Boone and Crockett Score for Alyssa's moose was 198 1/8."
Alyssa Moose-75 Hanging deer-98 Steve Ryan-99
Carrying on the family tradition-103 Andrea Levi-206 Bird Hunt 2011 1-207
Roy Douglass Double 2 7 -208 Tracy Colton 2-209 ColbyKimbleWoods2-210
Coleman moose hunt-211 Bird Dog-214 Bird dogs-215
Bill Leach 2012 Moose Hunt-223 Tony Vero Jr Sept Moose Hunt-231 Tyler Cote moose-232
Tyler Cote lab with moose shed-235 Bull Moose-309 Happy Hunters-313

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