North Maine Woods

Photo by:  Mike Langley 

Trout-9 lynx winter-10 Moose Big Bull-11
single deer-12 Ruffed grouse-17 deer doe-20
cow2-19 deer-21 Moose Umsaskis-24
grouse strut-22 Moose cow in lake-26 Cross and Cub-61
Partridge-27 8 Point Y Old 12 2011-60 Den Visit 2012-62
Gorbie-63 oxbowdeer52011-64 Umsaskis Lynx2-91
Turkey Relaese in Portage 2 50 -92 cow calf in road-94 moose S Day-104
Partridge male-111 Chickadee-192 IMG 0166-198
Ermine-213 Three grouse-216 Tony Vero Jr Sept Moose Hunt-233
Lonnie J 2 Headed Deer-249 Lonnie J Ashland-250 Lonnie J Deer-251
Lonnie Jandreas Deer-252 fawn july-253 Moose Silhouette-258
Baby Moose-263 wood turtle-295 Bull Moose-296
Eagle Sunset-297 Jack Mtn Moose-298 Moose on Eagle Lake AWW-299
rose king photo 3-317 rose king photo 2-318  

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