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Land Use & Fees


Since the inception of North Maine Woods in the early 1970’s, the organization has strived to keep visitor fees reasonable, so the region is accessible to everyone.  Fees are charged to cover operational expenses related to maintaining checkpoints and campsites.  None of the user fees are shared with landowners or any other group.  NMW is a non-profit corporation; no stockholders, no dividends, and no profit sharing.  All fees are set a a level to cover annual operational expenses.

Over the last forty-five years, day use fees have correlated with Maine’s minimum wage – if someone was willing to work an hour at the minimum wage, this would afford them a day in the NMW.  In 1976 Maine’s minimum wage was $2.30 and the day use fee was $2.  In 1986 the minimum wage was $4.85, and the NMW daily fee was $4.  In 2017 the wage is $9.00 and the fee $10.00.

As you may know, in November of 2016, Maine voters approved a 20% increase in Maine’s minimum wage from $7.50 to $9 for 2017, plus $1 incremental increases until 2020, when the minimum will reach $12 per hour.  With over forty-five seasonal employees, we have no recourse but to increase user fees accordingly in order to maintain operations and keep the NMW open to the public.

Fortunately, the organization has converted some staffed checkpoints to automated checkpoints which will reduce the impact of this change on payroll costs. The organization has also made investments in solar energy and other aspects of operations which will help keep operating costs and visitor fees reasonable.

PLEASE NOTE:  Staffed Checkpoints accept CASH, CHECKS or CREDIT CARDS. Automated Checkpoints accept CASH and CHECK ONLY.

While Canadian funds are accepted and an attempt to provide a fair exchange is made, we suggest that Canadian funds be exchanged for U.S. currency before arrival at the checkpoints.



$13.00 Per Person Per Day
  • Under 18: Free Day Use + Camping
  • Age 70 & Over: Free Day Use


$18.00 Per Person Per Day
  • Under 18: Free Day Use + Camping
  • Age 70 & Over: Free Day Use