North Maine Woods

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Welcome to the North Maine Woods - Multiple Ownership - Multiple Use Management Area. The private forest landowners and state governmental agencies cooperating in this program are pleased you have chosen to visit our web site. It is designed to help you have a safe and pleasant trip in the area, plus provide you with valuable information on forest resource management and recreational use.

The area provides numerous outdoor recreational opportunities for over 100,000 visitors each year while at the same time providing renewable forest resources which are a major part of Maine's economy. Harvesting wood products and providing recreation are compatible if managed properly. Providing proper management of day use and camping is the main goal of the North Maine Woods organization.

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Please stay off soft woods roads until May.  
As the frost comes out of the ground and roads become soft, please resist the urge to travel on NMW roads during the month of April.  
Repairing ruts in the roads due to driving on them too early is very costly to landowners who allow public use of their road system.

Current Road Conditions:
*  There is a major washout on the Golden Rd between Mile 62 & 63 beyond the intersection of the 490 Rd.  The road is currently impassable (posted 4-18-17).

The Maine Department of Conservation is tracking ice-out dates on all waters across Maine.  For up-to-date information please check this web

With voters approving a substantial 20% increase in Maine's minimum wage from $7.50 to $9 last November, please realize that this will have an impact on North Maine Woods operations and land use and camping fees.

Under the "Informatio
n" tab, click on "Land Use and Fees" for a list of the new 2017 fee schedule.
Reservations for KI Jo-Mary Forest and Jo-Mary Campground start May 10th
Reservations will be taken for for the KI Jo-Mary Forest and Jo-Mary Campground starting May 10th by calling the following checkpoints:
Katahdin Ironworks Checkpoint...................................965-8135
Hedgehog Checkpoint...................................................554-0464
Jo Mary Checkpoint & Jo Mary Campground...............723-8944