North Maine Woods

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Welcome to the North Maine Woods - Multiple Ownership - Multiple Use Management Area. The private forest landowners and state governmental agencies cooperating in this program are pleased you have chosen to visit our web site. It is designed to help you have a safe and pleasant trip in the area, plus provide you with valuable information on forest resource management and recreational use.

The area provides numerous outdoor recreational opportunities for over 100,000 visitors each year while at the same time providing renewable forest resources which are a major part of Maine's economy. Harvesting wood products and providing recreation are compatible if managed properly. Providing proper management of day use and camping is the main goal of the North Maine Woods organization.

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Current Road Conditions:

*The Carr Pond Road bridge after the Carr Pond Campsite has been replaced and is now passable to recreational traffic. 
*The road from Rockwood to the 20 Mile Checkpoint  has been graded and in excellent shape.
*The bridge before the 20 Mile Checkpoint has been re-surfaced and is safe for vehicles to cross.

Grouse Season is here and prospects are fair in the NMW region.  Please use caution while traveling woods roads and remember to GIVE ALL LOGGING TRUCKS THE RIGHT-OF-WAY.

If you are using a GPS-enabled dog tracking device such as the Garmin Astro or Garmin Alpha tracking system, be advised that the collars for these systems operate on the same MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) frequencies used by logging trucks for monitoring road traffic. These collars create audible interference on truck radios that are within range of a collar operating on the same MURS frequency (i.e. channel). The 5 frequencies used by the MURS radio and Garmin systems are:
*MURS Channel 1 = 151.820 Mhz * MURS Channel 2 = 151.880 Mhz * MURS Channel 3 = 151.940 Mhz *MURS Channel 4 = 154.570 Mhz * MURS Channel 5 = 154.600 Mhz
The first four frequencies (channels 1-4) are used primarily for monitoring road traffic with each road system in the NMW region being assigned a specific MURS channel. Due to safety concerns for logging truck operators, dog collars should not be operating on these 4 channels. MURS Channel 5 has been designated the channel for dog collars to operate on.
It is important to make sure that all dog collars are operating on MURS channel 5, or at the very least ensure that your dog collars are not operating on the same channel used by the road system you are hunting and traveling on. To determine which channel your dog collar is operating on, you will need to check your GPS receiver’s channel number (Alpha system) or Dog ID number (Astro system) that has been assigned to each collar:
ALPHA SYSTEM: The first number (followed by a Dash Number) indicates which MURS channel the dog collar is operating on. For example: 3-29 indicates MURS channel 3 as the channel being utilized, 1-18 indicates MURS channel 1, 2-7 is channel 2, etc.; therefore anyone using the Alpha system should have a 5 as the first number for each collar.
ASTRO SYSTEM: The Astro system assigns an ID number (0-49) as opposed to using a channel and subset number like the Alpha system, but the MURS frequency can be determined from this ID code by using the following chart:
ID Code 0-9 (151.820 Mhz) = MURS Channel 1
ID Code 10-19 (151.880 Mhz) = MURS Channel 2
ID Code 20-29 (151.940 Mhz) = MURS Channel 3
ID Code 30-39 (154.570 Mhz) = MURS Channel 4
ID Code 40-49 (154.600 Mhz) = MURS Channel 5

Collars that are not operating on the proper channel will need to be manually programmed to channel 5 (Alpha) or manually assigned a Dog ID number from 40 to 49 (Astro). Please consult your owner’s manual on how to manually program a collar or contact the NMW office (207-435-6213) for assistance.

Jo-Mary Campground Ending Operations
February 3, 2016

Jo-Mary Campground has had a long history starting with the creation and lease of the campground property by Loretta and Jim Smith beginning in the 1960s.  When the Smith family decided they no longer were able or interested in continuing operation in 2008, the owners of the property approached North Maine Woods Inc. to take over operations.  The intent at that time was to see if NMW could make the campground operation into a viable business or, at a minimum, provide the owners time to determine a long term plan for the campground property.

When NMW took over operations in 2008, it required a substantial effort to clean up the grounds and repair many of the campground’s basic functions such as the generators, water system, replacing culverts and upgrading roads.  Getting through the first year cost the owners over $70,000 just to get the campground operational.

Despite the fact that annual campground operations over the past eight years have resulted in seven years with a net loss (there was one breakeven year), the owners supported continued operation because they understood the history of the facility and its importance to families and others that have been visiting for generations.  Photos of the Fourth of July children’s parade, people enjoying the beach and smiles created over theme weekends did not go unnoticed.  Unfortunately, because of the immediate need for significant capital investment, the owners have reluctantly decided to shut down the campground until further notice.  The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was the failure of the campground’s septic system at the end of the 2015 season. 

The owners recognize that all of the managers and staff of the campground who have worked there since 2008 have given their best effort to make the operation work.  They know that many campers have donated time, effort and personal equipment over the years to keep operational costs down.  Regretfully, for the reasons listed above, the owners cannot justify continued operation.

The owners intend to continue to allow access to the boat launch site for the time being.  The campground gate will remain open to allow access for this purpose.  Should access to the campground result in problems - theft or vandalism - the decision to leave the gate open could change.

There may be a few campsites open for primitive camping as managed through Jo-Mary Checkpoint, but this decision is still pending.  If allowed, reservations would be made by calling Jo-Mary Checkpoint at 723-8944 when it opens for the season about the first Wednesday of May.  As with other campsites in the KI Jo-Mary Region, camping at these sites would be limited to no longer than 14 days per stay, no running water would be provided, trash would be carry in and carry out and the only toilet facilities are the three pit toilets on site.  No ice, firewood, access to the main building or recreation room.

If you have questions about use of the campground during 2016, you are welcome to contact North Maine Woods at 435-6213 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you. 

NOTE:  Wilderness Edge Campground is located not far from Jo-Mary Lake and is under new ownership.  It is located on the Baxter Park Road in Millinocket 207-447-8485