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Employment Opportunities

North Maine Woods hires approximately 60 seasonal employees each year to operate checkpoints and maintain campsites at various locations in northern Maine. 

Although most employees return year after year, occasionally openings do become available. Our operating season runs from May until the end of November. The previous year’s employees are contacted in the middle of March and they have two weeks or so to let us know if they are planning to return. From mid-March to mid-April, openings are filled. If you submit an employment application, but do not hear from us, you can assume there were no openings that meet your qualifications or request. 

Openings occasionally occur in mid-season and we keep all applications on file. North Maine Woods is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

At the checkpoint:

Some positions may require living at the checkpoint during the shift.If this is the case, North Maine Woods provides for lights, furniture, heat, and cooking. The employee must provide transportation to the job, food, clothing, dishes, cooking utensils and bedding.

In the field:

For those on campsite work, personal vehicles are required for hauling tools and materials. They will be reimbursed the allowed reimbursement rate as set by the IRS. The current rate is .655 cents per mile but may vary if the IRS changes the rate during the year relative to gasoline and other vehicle operating costs.

In the office:

Occasionally, we have openings available in the Ashland Office. These positions can include, but are not limited to daytime, evening, and night shifts. These positions are also seasonal and typically run from May through November.


Available job openings/opportunities will be posted as they become available. Please check back often.

Interested in becoming a member of the North Maine Woods Team?

To apply online click here or visit our main office in Ashland. 

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