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KI Jo-Mary Campsites

KI Jo-Mary Campsites

Camping is allowed only in the more than 60 authorized campsites. The checkpoint receptionists will gladly assist you in choosing a location when you register. Fees will vary according to the number in your party and the length of your stay. A fire place, picnic table, and privy are located at each campsite. The sites are primitive and well spread out. You will find solitude, good fishing, good hunting, fresh air, clean water, good times, and many other outdoor activities if this is what appeals to you. There is no running water or electricity. Campsites are maintained weekly. We ask that you carry out the refuse you carry in. Occasionally a campsite may be discontinued. Such closure allows the natural environment to recover from the impacts of frequent and concentrated activity.

No party will be allowed to camp more than two weeks in one location. No trailer, tent, or other equipment is to be stored on any campsite. Items left unattended for more than three consecutive days may be removed at the expense of the owner. If primitive camping is not appealing to you, you may stay at one of the sporting camps in the KI Jo-Mary Multiple Use Forest. Campsite reservations are not required, but recommended for Friday and Saturday nights. Requests should be made at least one month in advance. For the areas served by the KI and Hedgehog checkpoints, call the KI checkpoint at 207-965-8135. For areas served by the Jo-Mary and Henderson Brook checkpoints, call the Jo-Mary checkpoint at 207-723-8944.


You are welcome to use dead and down wood for your fire at an authorized location. Extreme caution is always the rule. Remember a small fire is best for cooking and a DEAD fire is best when unattended. All outside fires must be within the steel fire rings provided at the authorized campsites. Building your own rock fireplaces is not permitted. By Maine law, it is illegal and punishable by a $50.00 fine to have an unauthorized cooking or warming fire, or for leaving any fire unattended.


All fish and wildlife inquiries for regulations or licenses can be directed to:
The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
284 State Street
Augusta,  Maine 04333

Regional offices are also located in Greenville 207-695-3756 and Bangor 207-941-4440.